About Us


We've been in the VoIP phone industry since 2003. While we deploy state-of-the-art phone systems all business types and sizes, we really know dental office administration.  That may sound like a peculiar combination and we're happy to talk about it.  As a result, we will work with you to deploy a telephone system thats ideal for your best business practices.

Specializing in Dental Practices

We know the importance of superior telephone equipment and service to a dental office's administrative staff - just like suction, air, and water to the clinicians. New patients can only schedule their first hygiene appointment or an emergency visit by telephone. Your staff needs reliable audio quality to book recalls and reschedule broken appointments.  And the administrative staff needs features such as time schedules, voice mail, conferencing, and system wide hold in order to manage schedules, referrals, insurance processing. 

Local & On-site

We are your local and onsite consultant, installation, and training partner.  You get the power and efficiency of Nextiva and the contact of a dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable partner.