Restaurants and Hospitality

The Value Tools

Ringtelligent provides the cloud phone system restaurants need to provide amazing customer service, lower monthly expenses, collaborate in real time, and stay connected to your guests. 

Savings - Food and labor costs keep rising and margins are already tight.  Ringtelligent helps keep monthly telephone costs down and predictable -driving greater profitability to the bottom line.

Portability - Host staff and management are always on the move. With cordless DECT phones from Ringtelligent staff can answer, hold, and transfer calls as well as intercom all with one device. Cordless portability helps the staff continuously monitor tables and guests while still answering calls.

Mobility – Running a restaurant often involves just that – running! With Ringtelligent, your calls can be forwarded straight to your personal cell phone so you never miss a call from a customer, employee, or vendor. Need a shift covered last minute? Use texting to get the word out to anyone in seconds. 

Advanced Call Routing – With personalized call flows and auto attendants, guests receive the attention they need, when they need it. Whether the caller needs the hostess, to place an order for take-out, or to speak with the manager, they can be routed without needing to talk to an employee. Deliver information (like your hours of operation) on-demand, freeing your hosts to focus on face-to-face guests. 

Scalability – Setting up service for new hires and added locations is super easy with cloud communications. Don’t worry about scaling too quickly – Ringtelligent is built to go where you go and grow where you grow. 

Security and Reliable Service – With patients' health on the line, we know that you need a phone service you can count on. We are serious about security, which is why we have three (3) 100% redundant data centers across the U.S. (with more coming soon). This redundancy protects against downtime, fraudulent activity, natural disasters, and issues that could impact business continuity. Ringtelligent keeps you connected even during local power and internet outages. 


  • Auto Attendants
  • Cordless Portability
  • Call Forwarding
  • Redundancy and Security
  • Business SMS
  • Multi Unit Scalability