Save 50-75% off of traditional phone line costs.

Monthly Savings



Let's take a look at your phone bill and compare.


Nextiva cloud phone systems will likely save you money each much as 70% off of your current phone expenses. Money which falls direct to your bottom line.


Today you may be paying the traditional phone company a lot of money every month for each phone line, and many of those lines are not in constant use. 


Your phone company costs are paying for support of antiquated and fragile telephone polls, cabling, and beauracacy - as well as an army of repair staff, trucks, and equipment.  


With Nextiva cloud phone service you will be gaining cost efficiencies by leveraging and supporting only one infrastructure - your business' local area network and broadband internet connection.


Repair, replacement, support and downtime for your existing phone system may be very cost prohibitive to maintain. Meanwhile, replacement parts are almost impossible to source, rendering your phone system obsolete.


With Nextiva you will be getting brand new phones, state-of-the-art phone system, 24/7 support and warranty on day 1. Rest easy!

Increase employee productivity



Your telephone system may be the most important tool in your business.


Sure, you have standard tools and eqipment....but you can only serve patients that call to schedule appointments and your staff calls out to confirm or reschedule broken appointments.


Watch your employees begin using and loving calling features your legacy phone system simply does not provider.  Features such as:

· auto attendants,

· schedules,

· voice mail,

· voice mail to email,

· voice mail transcription,

· call park,

· presence/status,

· ring groups,

· call queues,

· remote phones,

· smartphone app, and

· much, much more.

Increase profitability



Increase your practice's profitability and drive money to the bottom line as you 


· reduce your telephone system's total  cost of ownership (TCO),

· manage labor costs 

· mitigate legacy phone system disaster scenarios such as costly downtime resulting from hardware, electrical, and internet failures.

· have new equipment along with support and equipment warranties from day one. No more chasing outdated parts and having expensive service/support bills.

At the same time increase practice revenues when as your staff becomes more productive & efficient with their time by leveraging advanced calling features not available with your old-school phone system.


With the Nextiva cloud telephone solution installed by Ringtelligent, you will also have


· the ability to respond to and call back emergency calls on your smartphone as if you are in the office, 

· remote home office phones for rescheduling due to inclimate weather, confirming appointments, and collections calls.

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